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What information does the PBMG contain?

The Women's Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide (PBMG) contains the following key features:

How is the PBMG different from other resources I use?

We provide an evidence-based resource that is concise and easy to use for busy health care practitioners. The PBMG provides practical and unbiased information and recommendations on medicine use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

We follow strict and robust editorial processes, where content is extensively reviewed and written by the Editors group. It is subjected to peer-review by Australian experts and practising health care professionals. 

How often is the content updated?

We update our online content continuously. We will inform you via email and in the Monthly Updates section when an update has been made.

What browsers can be used to view the PBMG?

The PBMG may be viewed using any supported and updated web browser that enables cookies.

While the PBMG may be viewable in older browsers, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of your preferred browser.

What devices can I use to view the PBMG?

The PBMG may be viewed using any internet enabled device.

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What is my PBMG subscription period?

If you have purchased a general individual subscription, your subscription period is for 12 months from the date of purchase.

A renewal email will be sent to you a month before your subscription expires to remind you to renew your subscription. 

For group subscriptions, please contact us.

How do I renew my PBMG subscription?

To renew your subscription, click on the My Account tab and follow the prompts.

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What is included in a general individual subscription?

Once you have purchased a general individual subscription, you will have immediate access to all content on the site.

I have a technical question, where can I get support?

If you have a technical issue, please contact us via the contact form and someone will be in touch with further information.

How do I provide feedback or make suggestions?

If you would like to provide any type of feedback, or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form

Last Updated: 26 July 2018

PBMG Updates

For information about newly added and reviewed content please see our PBMG Updates.

Benefits of subscribing

Access to current and unbiased information anytime, anywhere on any internet-enabled device

Summarises key findings and provides detailed, practical recommendations on the use of medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support the clinical decision making process

All available information is fully referenced; peer reviewed and is constantly updated.

Downloadable medicine fact sheets for patients

Subscription types

INDIVIDUAL users – $170 annually, inc. GST

For group or organisation subscriptions please contact us

Practical recommendations

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) pregnancy categories and manufacturer’s product information are sometimes difficult to interpret. The Women’s PBMG has developed a series of practical recommendations for medicines used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.